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Electricity is a good servant but a bad master. Having a good electrical system at home or in your apartment makes life beautiful, convenient and much safer. Children in a home bring so much joy and happiness. Children are undoubtedly an asset to parents and their safety should be a top priority.

If your electrical installation can cause harm to a child, then maybe you are better off without it because human life and safety transcends all. However there is no need to go off-grid simply to protect your children from possible electrical shocks. This is because there is a way to keep them safe.

Many children are inquisitive by nature and want to understand many things (some of which is beyond parents understanding). A child may attempt to insert things into a socket. It is possible they do this because they see others plug things in. Why shouldn’t they try it for themselves? In an attempt to do that they insert forks, pens, pencils, hair pin and whatever they can find. A metal inserted into a socket has electric currents running through and touching it will give the child an electric shock.

There is however a simple way of preventing such incidents. You may have noticed that children target unused sockets for these experiments. They also target sockets that are within their reach. The solution to this is to insert dummy plugs into your sockets to prevent them from putting stuff in. These dummy plugs fit so firmly, a child cannot pull it out. It’s that simple. These dummy plugs can be purchased at a shop near you.

SparkVolt Electrical Services is big on the safety of children and all other members of the household. We are indeed ‘The People’s Electrician’.


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