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An electric shock depending on the severity can lead to paralysis, burns or even death. Even though it is not an everyday occurrence, some people can experience it at home. The home incidents are not deadly in most cases but it is important to understand the potential causes of electric shocks. We also propose some solutions that will help the average person to prevent electric shocks.

An electric shock can be described as when an electric current goes through a person. There are a number of causes of electric shocks and we propose solutions to them. Let’s discuss a number of them:

A person can get an electric shock when he/she comes into contact with an exposed live cable. Unfortunately some homes contract the services of incompetent and unprofessional electricians. In executing their work, these electricians may leave a cable exposed with electrical current running through. They may also improperly terminate a cable putting lives at risk. Any contact with this live cable can lead to an electric shock. It is therefore important that you hire the services of a qualified electrician to prevent such incidents. Also do not touch cables that seem to be lying dormant. It is always advisable to get an electrician to test the cable to see if there is power running through. Whether the cable is live or otherwise, ensure the electrician does not leave it exposed. Better still, employ the services of a competent electrical company such as SparkVolt Electrical Services.

A damaged consumer unit can also lead to an electric shock. A person with no or little knowledge of electrical installation would not be able to detect a damage in the consumer unit. At SparkVolt we advise that every house or apartment should have their consumer unit check periodically.

A house or apartment with no proper earthing system is a disaster waiting to happen. Even though this may not be a common phenomenon in developed countries because of the systems put in place, there is a high possibility rate in developing countries. Ensure that earth cable is included in the entire wiring. Also the earthing rod should be properly buried depending on the standard in the country.

Another situation that has the tendency to lead to an electrical shock is when a live cable touches any electric conductor. Metal is a good conductor of electricity and when they come into contact with each other, the metal will have electric currents running through it. For example, touching the metal part of your fridge that is in contact with electricity will give you an electric shock. This is one the reasons most electrical appliances have plastic handles. Plastic is a bad conductor of electricity.  Please use the handles as a safety precaution.

When electricity comes into contact with water, the water will have electric currents running through. This is a basic rule you should understand because it can play out in different cases. An example is when your house or apartment floods. You should be extra careful. If you can reach the consumer unit without stepping in the water, do so and immediately turn off the main power to the house or apartment and call a qualified electrician. Otherwise call an electrician immediately. Do not enter the house until it is safe to do so.

In conclusion, understand that hiring the services of a qualified and competent electrician is key in preventing many electric shocks at home. At SparkVolt Electrical Services, we provide you with quality service with your safety in mind. We are indeed ‘The People’s Electrician’ .Also you have a role to play in preventing electric shocks so put some effort and resources in your safety because every life matters.


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